Beaulieu Real was created in the 70s by Mr. Roger De Clerck. The decision to produce needle felt flooring was thought to be the logical step forward by the group, which was already successfully manufacturing both tufted and woven products. It would enable them to gain a foothold in the more economically priced volume sector of the flooring market.

A brand new 20.000 m2 factory was built on an industrial site in Kruishoutem along the E17 motorway. In those days, a factory unit of that size, under one roof, was virtually unheard of in Europe and reflected the Group's commitment to the achievement of their ambitions.

Now, 30 years later, the factory space of Beaulieu Real alone, has grown to almost 140.000 m2 and the total Beaulieu site in Kruishoutem, is a massive 410.000 m2.

As a company, Beaulieu Real has been very successful in achieving its original target of producing products which would appeal to a particular sector of the market. As their product range now shows, they have successfully expanded to include many other areas of needle felt flooring.

The policy of Beaulieu Real to constantly search for ideas and opportunities has proven to be a very successful one, shown by increasing sales, not just within Europe, but throughout the whole world.